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About SCF

The purposes of Skinner City Farm include the following:

  • To create a Food Preservation Center devoted to achieving food security throughout the year. The facility will be a training place for canning, drying, fermentation and any other means of using the seasonal bounty. Participants will be able to rent the facility to preserve their own food, food from CSAs and food purchased from local producers;
  • To create and operate a public agricultural site which will involve the Eugene community in the process of designing and operating community gardening areas;
  • To create agriculturally based youth programs that will involve and assist young people, with an emphasis on programs for at-risk youth, troubled youth, and youth whose needs are not adequately met in public schools or other standard educational institutions;
  • To demonstrate and educate the general public about sustainable and ecologically-sound agriculture, agricultural ecosystems, and socially and ecologically appropriate agricultural techniques and technologies;
  • To offer programs and opportunities for people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and disadvantaged sectors of the population including homeless people, people of color, and alterabled people;
  • To educate the general public about the historical role and importance of small farms and agriculture in this region, and to operate a historically accurate demonstration of the “Skinner Farm” as operated by Eugene Skinner (the founder of the city of Eugene) and his family.

Contact info: You can contact Skinner City Farm’s administrators at our office at the Center for Appropriate Transport at (541) 344-8322, scf@skinnercityfarm.com

Center for Appropriate Transport
455 W 1st Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

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