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Engaging the Community

Volunteer labor is necessary for the operation of the project. It is important to have a corps of volunteers from the community to help with food collection, maintenance, and other tasks.

A campaign directed at the community to promote the idea that our actions in our urban areas have importance for the wider environment and it is the wider environment which sustains urban life. The creation of an identity should be developed, including a logo and literature. A reward system should be designed as a benefit for those restaurants providing organic waste.

The SCF newsletter, Down on the Farm, will highlight the project and emphasize that materials usually thought of as a waste and therefore without value are actually of important value in other circumstances – in this instance for agriculture, producing the very food we use for sustaining urban life.



Organic Waste Collection From Local Restaurants

Fossil-Free Delivery System

Composting and Worm Systems

Community Garden


Engaging the Community

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