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Organic Waste Collection From Local Restaurants

Currently the participating restaurants/cafes include Morning Glory, Laughing Planet, and Sweet Life. Much of their food is produced through Certified Organic methods. These restaurants have food waste that is separated and ready for removal from the site. Collections occur weekly and provide enough waste for SCF compost piles, rotary composters and the vermiculture/vermicomposting system.

The transport of this organic material (only non-meat food waste) is with five-gallon square buckets. These are convenient for restaurants as they can be placed under the counter to collect the waste. The buckets are easily stacked and being square, use space efficiently. For the worms sake, we have trained the restaurant workers to separate citrus out, proving that with education and patience workers can do on-the-spot sorting.

The challenge for restaurants is to get workers to keep the system orderly and clean. Despite some early frustrations these problems have been solved. An interesting side note is that workers were the ones who initially contacted us about food waste, perhaps because they are the ones most closely connected to the waste.

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Organic Waste Collection From Local Restaurants

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